Who’s Who in The Sleeping Beauty

Sasha De Sola in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty. (© Erik Tomasson)

Aurora (a.k.a. The Princess, Beauty, Her Royal Highness)

Bio: Firstborn child of the Tsar and Tsarina, Aurora is cursed to sleep a hundred years. She’s rescued by Prince Desiré, whom she later marries.

Likes: Parties, roses, making her own decisions, pointy objects

Dislikes: Being told what to do, sleeping in

Carlo Di Lanno in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty. (© Erik Tomasson)

Prince Desiré (a.k.a. Prince Charming, His Royal Highness)

Bio: Little is known of Prince Desiré’s origins, though his name suggests his native country was Francophone. The lucky godson of The Lilac Fairy, his claim to fame is that he fell in love with a girl in a vision and then saved her entire kingdom with a kiss.

Likes: Saving entire kingdoms, dancing with sleeping princesses, hunting

Dislikes: Evil curses, women born in this century

San Francisco Ballet in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty. (© Erik Tomasson)

The Lilac Fairy (a.k.a. The Fairy of Wisdom)

Bio: The most powerful fairy in the land, the Lilac Fairy is godmother to both Princess Aurora and Prince Desiré, and, one presumes, several other princes and princesses. Wise, and perhaps a bit over-involved in her godchildren’s lives, her origins are shrouded in mystery.

Likes: Lilacs, good decision making, children

Dislikes: The Fairy of Darkness

The Tsar (a.k.a. The King, His Royal Highness, Dad)

Bio: Aurora’s father and king of a vast fairytale nation, the Tsar is known for being slightly overbearing, but all out of love for his only child.

Likes: Power, the Tsarina, hosting parties

Dislikes: Disobedience, pointy objects

San Francisco Ballet in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty. (© Chris Hardy)

The Tsarina (a.k.a. The Queen, Her Royal Highness, Mom)

Bio: Prone to hysterics, Aurora’s mother, the Tsarina, is luckily good friends with the Lilac Fairy, who manages to keep her head about her in a crisis.

Likes: Aurora, the Lilac Fairy, large crowns

Dislikes: Too much excitement

San Francisco Ballet in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty. (© Erik Tomasson)

The Fairy of Darkness (a.k.a Carabosse)

Bio: Residing in a dark wood alongside her bird-like attendants, the Fairy of Darkness is easily offended and not afraid to make her feelings known.

Likes: Sharp objects, the color black

Dislikes: Not being invited to things

San Francisco Ballet in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty. (© Chris Hardy)

The Master of Ceremonies (a.k.a. Catalabutte)

Bio: A lifelong civil servant, the Master of Ceremonies had a track record of reliably inviting all the correct guests to all the correct ceremonies. Until the day he didn’t. Luckily, the Tsar and Tsarina were forgiving, and he retained his job.

Likes: A properly set table, engraved invitations, correctly decanted wine

Dislikes: People who don’t RSVP

San Francisco Ballet in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty // © Erik Tomasson

The Four Princes

Bios: Hailing from around the Empire, these four princes vie for Aurora’s hand in marriage. Unfortunately, none of them are chosen as the lucky gentleman and, presumably, get caught in the sleeping curse.

Thamires Chuvas and Alexander Reneff-Olson in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty. (© Erik Tomasson)

The White Cat

Bio: An enchanted princess trapped in the form of a kitty cat, the White Cat is biding her time with Puss in Boots until her prince arrives. Unfortunately, she can’t be saved by a kiss: he’ll have to chop off her head and tail before her curse will be broken.

Likes: Princes, washing herself, purring

Dislikes: Curses, mice

Puss in Boots

Bio: A cat, bestowed upon the youngest son, with some magical powers and a penchant for wearing boots.

Likes: Boots, making peoples’ fortunes, milk

Dislikes: Swimming, people who talk to him like a cat

Natasha Sheehan in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty. (© Erik Tomasson)

The Enchanted Princess (a.k.a. Princess Florine)

Bio: Trapped in an evil tower by her stepmother, the Enchanted Princess ultimately breaks free thanks to a village rebellion and manages to rescue her prince.

Likes: Freedom, birds, the villagers

Dislikes: Her stepmother and stepsister

Lonnie Weeks in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty. (© Erik Tomasson)

Bluebird (a.k.a. King Charmant)

Bio: Transformed into a bird by his girlfriend’s stepsister’s fairy godmother, the Bluebird has to wait to be rescued by the princess—a nice role reversal!

Likes: Flying, the Enchanted Princess, technically difficult dancing

Dislikes: Eating worms, being trapped as a bird

San Francisco Ballet in Tomasson’s The Sleeping Beauty.
(© Erik Tomasson)

The Fairies

Our fairytale kingdom is inhabited by many fairies, all of whom seem to respect the Lilac Fairy and fear the Fairy of Darkness. Here is a sampling:

The Fairy of Tenderness (a.k.a. Candide)

Likes: Talking, Voltaire, being nice

Dislikes: Mean people, the Fairy of Darkness, waiting

The Fairy of Generosity (a.k.a. Coulante, Fleur de Farine)

Likes: Giving gifts, frolicking in fields, bread products

Dislikes: Stingy people, being cooped up inside

The Fairy of Serenity (a.k.a. Miettes qui Tombe, Breadcrumb)

Likes: Long walks on the beach, yoga

Dislikes: When people make fun of her name. She didn’t ask to be named the Breadcrumb Fairy.

The Fairy of Playfulness (a.k.a. Canary, Song-Bird)

Likes: Singing, talking, chattering, jazz hands

Dislikes: Being quiet

The Fairy of Courage (a.k.a. Violante)

Likes: Playing with electricity, pointing at things

Dislikes: Water

The Jewels (a.k.a. the Diamond Fairy, the Gold Fairy, the Silver Fairy, and the Sapphire Fairy)

Likes: Things that glitter

Dislikes: Costume jewelry



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